Tuesday Traffic Tale – Somewhere in Abidjan

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Bonjour mes chers! Ca va bien? Today, we are going to Abidjan.

So yours truly took a trip to Abidjan with ExLang Consult (yes, free advertisement. You should try their services if you want to tour French West Africa).

Abidjan is not called Petit-Paris for nothing. Those guys are one licentious bunch of Africans and I mean that in a good way, they are like the Nigerians of the Francophone world. If only Ghanaians were as bold!

Back to my story, for such an expensive city, you’d think the public transport system will be ‘jɛjɛ’ – no! Oh wait, their ‘ayalolo’ is super, way, way better than the disgrace we have in Ghana. The buses are almost always on time and you can identify where a bus is headed by the number on the windscreen.

But their troskis dierrr eih, such a shame.  If you have ever used the troskis…

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A Single Black lady on the streets of Cairo


I wish above all else that we all travel once in our lifetime for these two reasons; 1. To appreciate that everyone has a home where they are loved and respected. 2. That everyone will be a stranger in a strange land at least once in their life time. With these two in mind, anytime we meet a stranger, we will be kind and understanding enough to help because sometime in our lives we were in the same position. –Doris Agbevivi (My own quote 🙂 )

It has taken me a while to write this blog basically because I did not even want to write it. However, a friend from Cairo called me last week and reminded me that as much as I had some bad experiences, I also had good ones e.g. meeting him so I might as well go ahead and share my experience with my…

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Must have experiences in Addis Ababa


To travel is to buy experiences that makes your soul richer! So travel, meet new people, trust strangers, experience the culture, eat their food and forget the familiar and comfortable life you are used to because it is in leaving all that is familiar behind that you fully embrace the experiences  that ought to enrich your soul-~ Doris Agbevivi (My quote 🙂 

Addis Ababa is usually referred to as the capital of Africa. They only had Italians in the country briefly for about five years and were driven out through a bloody war. The people of Ethiopia are very proud of their culture and they celebrate their difference so the best way to actually enjoy Addis is  by experiencing the culture.

Top on the list is to take a ride up the hill to Entoto

Please try and have this experience because the sight you will encounter along the  way…

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